Photo Resolution

Digital images are composed of pixels (pixels is short for picture element). The more pixels an image contains (the higher the resolution), the better the picture quality.

With a high resolution, you will have more options when cropping your photos or adding them to photo gifts. However, a high resolution means that the file size of your digital images will also be very large. Most digital cameras offer the ability to set the resolution of the photos you take.

If you plan on working with your pictures using the editing tools available with the BlueBay Studio or on your home computer, try to capture large images with a high resolution. Starting with a large image that has a high resolution means that you can crop your photo later or print it at any size, rather than being constrained by a low resolution or size.


Whether done automatically or manually, cropping is the process of removing pixels from an image. Images can occasionally be cropped during the printing process to meet specific print sizes.

Automatic Cropping

When an image is automatically cropped, pixels can be removed from any of the sides which means the printed version and your original image will look different.

Since a digital image has a preset number of pixels (the resolution), when an image is cropped (pixels are removed) the remaining pixels have to fill up the same or larger sized surface. Starting with a large number of pixels (a high resolution) gives you more pixels to spread when you crop your photo.

Manual Cropping
In order to make sure your photos end up exactly as you would like, use the cropping feature of the Photo Editing Tools to crop your photo to the desired print size. If you start with a large image that has a high resolution then you will have no problems with cropping to any size.



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